Bishop’s Easter Message

Easter Message

Easter Schedule

2016 Easter Schedule (No Palm Sunday)

Bishop’s Letter Regarding Euthanasia


2016 Sunday Envelopes

Envelopes are available in the foyer. If the spelling of your name or the address listed on your envelopes is incorrect, please contact the office so that we can make a correction to our records. If you would like Sunday Envelopes, please contact the office.

PAD Users Please note: In previous years you have received a small box of “Special Collection” envelopes. This year it was more efficient for us to order regular boxes for everyone. Please disregard the “Regular” envelopes and just use the blue and green envelopes for whichever collections you choose to contribute to.

As in other years, those PAD users who have requested not to receive envelopes, or have not picked up their box in previous years, did not receive a box of envelopes.

Updated Mass Times

Mass Times

CCCB Statement

The following is a statement from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops regarding the Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s recent report.



Pope Francis has released an Encyclical on Climate Change.

The full text is available here.


McGrath Thank You

Easter Schedule

Saint Joachim's Schedule

2014 Financial Statement

The compact version of our 2014 Financial Statement has been included as an insert in this week’s bulletin. A copy of the insert, as well as the full detailed version of our 2014 statement, are available below.

2014 Statement – Compact

2014 Statement – Full

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